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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Once again, a government program is exposed which has apparently been used
to intrude into the privacy of Americans.
The media exposes this government collection of "just the phone
numbers" of phone calls placed IN AMERICA. Once again, the George Bush comes
out and spouts that "it is entirely legal" and necessary in this "War on
Terror", while the mindless drones point to the lack of attacks in America,
this program being one of the tools which has helped in this. Ah, sure it

Hmm, let's see, tens of millions of monitored calls, means there must be
tens of millions of "terrorists in America". But, of course, there are... I
realize that most of America DID NOT read the Expose` of Crimes Volumes at which explain the truth of what is
occurring in America and across the world, but if you had:
All Americans ARE the declared enemies of this UNITED STATES government as
declared by that government.
So following this fact; the UNITED STATES government is completely within
it's authority to monitor any and all the citizens, people, or naturalized
aliens within it's enclave territories. Whereas, the government of "The
United States of America" would be violating the constitutions, and rights
it's people were it to do the same.

MEANWHILE, the hawk corporatism/capitalism Senators and Representatives
come out in massed support.
In essence saying "We have every right to do as we wish to you morons and
lesser plebes, look what we do for you. Only we can understand the
importance of this. You don't understand what will happen if we don't. How
dare anyone expose these activities, how do you expect us to carry on our
anti-terrorism activities?"

Which is somewhat true. They know that the people of the world ARE
questioning the America agenda, it's actions, it's expounding on rights
while violating them in strikingly the same fashion as the dictators,
régimes, monarchies, and theocracies do to their people. They know that
hiding "torture chambers" in other nations may be lost in the busy (cough)
lives of Americans, but to the people of the world, these activities will
never be forgotten.
They know the people of the world have heard UNITED STATES condemn other
nations for failing to come to the aid of their people, but those same
people also remember seeing UNITED STATES "shovel dirt" on it's own people
when confronted with strikingly similar activities.
So how do we answer the question of how to fight this "War on Terror",
perhaps WITHIN the Law would be a good place to start.

We could expound here AGAIN on all the lies, violations of Law and rights
which has occurred during the present régime in America. We could spout
again about the new "tax breaks" given to the rich, we could redo the Oil
barren attitude leaving the lower income people choosing between food and
gasoline to get to work, but all that HAS been done here in this blog, a
number of times.

So why is it, we just do not stand back and really look at this nation,,,
is this
what we really want for our children... this ISN'T a "shepherd" benevolently
watching over it's "herd of lambs", this is the "wolf" ready to kill off the
weak and infirm, preying upon the "herd mentality" which clearly shows among
the American people.
This is the "farmer" leading cattle to it's slaughter by the nose ring.

So when is it that you out here in lala land intend to remove YOUR ring..??

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Google defends privacy rights

As the government implements it's new declared power to enter into the
private lives of everyday Americans in almost every form, Google fights a
lone battle against the government. The government contends that the
information sought is to prove children access pornography in spite of site
and software controls.

The matter revolves around the supposed need by the government to access
the search engine data bases for information to investigate and/or prosecute
supposed porno sites and users. Supposedly, the government can't do as any
internet user could do, and search for these sites on it's own. It appears,
however, the government actually wants the user's addresses rather than the
For seven months Google has attempted to thwart this intrusion into it's
privately own data base.

U.S. District Judge James Ware (sitting judge on the case) prepares to
issue orders to Google for random government access to Google's data base of
search requests.
This judge should be extremely careful in the wording of this Order.
Inroads into the privacy of onliners, claimed for the most part by
government as non-existent, should be the highest concern.

Gidari (one of Google's attorneys) said the content of certain queries
often contains sensitive information about finances, Social Security numbers
and sexual preferences. That would, of course, be true for adults which may
pay for access to certain sites. If they are adults then what they access
should be the concern, not the user.

The judge asked whether Google wished to turn over site addresses or search
requests, as if either would not, in some form, give the government
information which it could not obtain on it's own.

All the other major search engines have already turned over some of the
information sought by the government, though they claim they have not
compromised their users security.

Here we find one more piece of the"train of circumstances" in this on going
change in America, from the land of the free, to the land of the monitored
and controlled.

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